National Cathedral, Washington, DC, 2015

Serendipity shined on me and I was able to spend a few days visiting Washington, DC in early January, 2015.  My first visit was to the National Cathedral as the last time we were there it was closed and surrounded by scaffolding, having been damaged quite badly by the earthquake in fall of 2011.  Although restoration work continues, and will for many years, it is open to the public again and serving as a vital house of worship to the community.

Not sure I will ever get enough of this place.  Thanks heaps to Christoper Budny who took time to show me around personally.  He has been a docent there for 20 years and knows it inside out and every nook and cranny.

The Smithsonian, Washington, DC

The Smithsonian is huge and is comprised of at least five buildings. I only got to visit one of them. It would take two weeks to adequately visit all of them, spending all day prowling. I was really interested in the inaugural dresses of the First Ladies and the china used by the different administrations . . . . no one would be surprised at that one! There was also a section that showed the progression of various transportation methods and then a section that paid tribute to Julia Child. However I must go back to see the rest, including some of the famous jewellery of the world.

Kauffman Centre for the Performing Arts, Kansas City

For an architectural photograapher, stumbling upon this building in Kansas City was like finding a gold nugget.  What an amazing structure.

Designed by renowned architect Moshe Safdie, the building’s most distinctive features are the Muriel McBrien Kauffman Theatre, Helzberg Hall and the Brandmeyer Great Hall, its acoustical design and accessibility.

We made two visits, the first to capture exterior photos and the second to see if we could go inside.  Luckily there was a tour in progress and we were graciously allowed to join.

 The main feature of this building would be all the angles and the glass.

    – nearly 285,000-square-foot facility with two main performance halls

– Exterior surfaces include glass, pre-cast concrete and bead-blasted stainless steel

– 27 cables are anchored by the weight of the pre-cast walls and hold up the glass in the lobby

These are just a few of the photos I took of this very contemporary building which opened in September of 2011.

Epcor Tower

It has been a long time since another high rise has been erected in the Downtown sector of Edmonton. Construction began in 2008 and was finished in June of 2012. It is a 28 storey building with 614,000 sq. ft.

From a photography point of view it has very unique lighting and angles which showcases especially well from the west.

Architect Kasian Kennedy
Developer Qualico Group
Main contractor Ledcor
Value of Project: $250M

These photos were privately commissioned, and thus rest outside of the public domain.

houses of worship

I grew up in a home rich with the traditions of the Church of England . . . . love the stained glass windows of the older churches, the variety and rich tones of wood and elegant lighting.  There is something very powerful and majestic about being in a stately cathedral with the deep tones of organ music and a heavenly choir singing.  That experience has always taken me to a special place in my soul.  There is nothing quite equal to being in Westminster Abbey on Easter Sunday, sitting where the Royals usually sit.  As the Mastercard commercial would say, priceless. Naturally as architecture is the focus of my photography passion, photographing the places where people worship is a natural progression.  The architecture of the cathedrals of history gives me a sense of amazement as I often wonder how they accomplished these feats without the technology of today . . . obviously they were skilled craftsmen and artisans as they still stand,  having survived the ravages of war, natural disasters and fire, to remind us of their place in history. The more modern churches often reflect contemporary architectural  design and are very unique with their edgy angles and curves.